Eugen Semitjov


( 1923-1987 )

Oh yes, he was the one who drew space ships long before the advent of the Space Age, people say!
Eugen Semitjov is known to most people as "the space illustrator" -- even though he was at least equally active during the 60s, 70s and 80s as a science writer and author -- and was considered unbeatable in his genre.

Having begun his artistic career in the 1940s, from the very first he set his sight without hesitation on the space and science fiction arena. He illustrated fantastic tales, he created his own comic strip ( "Allan Kämpe" -- Alan Fighter" ) wich ran for fourteen years. He did also venture into other styles, but dramatic space visions remained his specialty. Many of his space drawings turned out to be prophetic in nature as an amazingly great number of them have later become detailed reality.

Among space journalists, Eugen Semitjov was a member of the world's elite. He was one of the few who traveled back and forth between Russian and American research institutions. He was well known both from the press and television for his scientific visions of the future.

Eugen Semitjov was present at numerous rocket launchings and visited the scientific centers where future projects take form. Vividly and with his special acuity, he depicted great space adventures, adding an extra dimension through his imaginative drawings.

In Sweden Eugen Semitjov received the Great Journalist Prize and the Jules Verne Price

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